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Ski Gear Rental Reservation

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If you need to make a reservation within 72 hours of your arrival, do not use this reservation system, please call us at 1-800-796-7472 so we can discuss availability of equipment. This is a non-refundable Ski Rental Reservation to ensure that you have equipment when you arrive in the Durango area.

The following has been temporarily disabled, no deposit is required at this time.

This is a $10.00 USD (non-refundable) per person  reservation and will go toward the total of your rental equipment.




Please only enter Quantity of 1. If there are multiple persons in your family/group click 'continue shopping' to return to the reservation form and fill out a form for each person renting.

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General Information

We will need a reservation form for each person in your family/group that is renting equipment. (Please click continue shopping in your cart to come back to this form.)

This is a $10.00 USD (non-refundable) per person reservation and will go toward the total of your rental equipment.

Pick-Up Policy

You can pick your equipment up on your first day of skiing in the morning or you can come in the day before any time after 3:00 PM and pick it up the day before you ski.  

Return Policy

Your equipment will be due back by 6:00 PM on the last day you are skiing. If this is inconvenient there is a grace period until 9:00 AM the following day. If it is not returned by 9:00 AM the day after your last day of skiing, you will be charged for an extra day of equipment rental.

Damage Waiver/Insurance

The damage waiver applies to equipment breakage only, not lost, misplaced or stolen equipment. If the damage waiver is accepted, the Ski Barn will absorb the cost of repairing any damaged equipment. However, lost, misplaced or stolen equipment shall be replaced by the renter at the cost of the equipment.

Junior vs. Adult

A Junior package applies to those who are 90 lbs. or under. For all others that weigh over 90 lbs. an Adult package would be required.

Package Options

There are multiple package options available for every kind of skier.

  • Comfort Package: The Comfort package is the best value package as well as the most forgiving ski for beginner and intermediate level skiers. It is very forgiving, easy to handle and makes for a more enjoyable experience for novice skiers.
  • Performance Package: The Performance package is a great way to go for intermediate to advanced level skiers. This ski will provide more performance to higher level all-mountain skiers. Included in this package is also a choice of a standard front-entry, 4 buckle boot or a comfort mid-entry 3 buckle boot.
  •  Demo Package The Demo package is ideal for those skiers who are interested in buying their own gear. Our demo fleet is stocked with all current year skis that we sell in the store. We do a demo to buy program and will put the price of two demos toward the purchase of your new skis. It is also a great way to go for advanced/expert level skiers who do not want to carry their skis while they travel. Also, if it snowed a lot, we have several options of powder skis that are available to change your life.


Skier Ability

The indicated skier ability is so that we can set your bindings to release when they should. Please do not lie about how good you ski. This might mean the difference of a torn ligament or knee injury.

  • Type 1- Beginner skier. Very cautious. Easier relase settings.
  • Type 2- Intermediate skier. Moderately aggressive. Higher release settings.
  • Type 3- Advanced/Expert level skier. very aggressive. Highest release settings.


 Ski Size

If you are not sure of what size of ski you want, it is no big deal. We can help you pick out what it is that you need when you get here. If you have any questions about any of this please do not hesitate to give us a call. Any one of our employees is fully trained and will be able to get you the answers you need. 1-800-796-7472

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