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About the Ski Barn


Some might wonder what an old-school, service-with-a-smile ski shop is doing peddling goods on the Internet.

After all, around Durango we've staked our reputation on our guarantee of personalized, professional service and customer satisfaction, whether you're looking for the latest gear or want us to piece back together the decade-old straight skis your friend backed over in his truck. We like to believe we can provide the best customer service in town, and we work hard to make sure every one of our team members, from our expert bootfitters to the poor guys in the office upstairs, are a part of keeping that commitment.

Some might argue that the internet is a whole new ballgame, and that customer service as you used to know it has gone the way of leather boots and one-pieces.

Well, we're kinda new on the internet, but we started this website with the belief that our commitment to service, together with an offering of products we've tested and stand behind, will get us just as far here on the web as it has in Durango. Then again, we're all still rockin' one-pieces like it was 1976, so we'll let you be the judge.

To get to the point: when you're on our website, we want you to know that you've got an entire ski shop and 35 years of experience standing behind everything you see. So whether you want to talk shop with the repair techs, learn about the latest gear, or are coming our way, looking to rent some skis, and maybe talk one of the guys into calling in sick to go shred (better not!), just drop us a line and learn why we're so proud of what we do. Here's how:

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The Ski Barn
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